Discover How I Used Real Estate As The Fastest Path To Wealth Creation, Giving Me More Time And Money To Do What I Really Care About.

...I’m Manny Khoshbin and I went from a broke and homeless immigrant to buying and selling over $200M in Real Estate in only 8 years. Now I’m sharing my exact formula with you.

YES! I Want Manny To Mentor Me

Some people think I got lucky...

Some people think I was born into wealth...

Here's Where I Set The Record Straight.

I've Been An Entrepreneur Since I Was 14 Years Old.


That is… If you count digging through trash cans and dumpsters for anything I could flip and sell, just to make some extra money to support my family.

Now that's the Manny Khoshbin you probably don't know about -- but "I started at the bottom." as the song goes. 

Like most immigrants who come to America... My parents were hard workers, and gave me the same work ethic.


I grew up in Iran…

Which incase you don't know... 

Is the exact opposite of the beautiful land of the Free (we now get to call our home) here in the United States.

Now you may not be able to tell...

...just by looking at that "throwback" photo of me above...

...just by looking at that "throwback" photo of me above...

But my upbringing has a lot to do with my success. 

It's taught me that successful people have 2 things in common. It doesn't matter where you come from...

I believe these 2 ingredients are critical to your success:

Hunger: you always need to grow and improve.

Persistence: you get back up after you fail.


Like Rocky Balboa (a huge influence of mine) says...

"Life's not about how hard of a hit you can give... it's about how many you can take, and still keep moving forward."

Long before I discovered the wealth generating powers of real estate...

I had dozens of jobs in my lifetime. From working at K-mart stocking the shelves, to being a janitor, mopping the floors…


I’ve also started many businesses…that failed miserably!


Like my first company, selling peanuts door to door… 

Then I went on to eventually own a gas-station, stereotype

...Then I owned a discount-market, selling cheap goods.


Finally I got into the mortgage business. Which was my first "taste" of real estate and making money in the industry.


And looking back on it all... I wouldn’t change a thing!


My journey of adversity and failure, has led me to finding the love of my life, having 2 beautiful children, being able to contribute to good causes, and earning a nice living for myself and my family in the process. Giving my children the life I never had.

I believe that...

Everything happens for us… not to us. 

And your journey led you to being on this page (reading this)...

Right here, right now. Which is fantastic for you, because… 

You’re going to discover the single greatest tool for building wealth in the world. The same thing that's made me $200M.

And allowed me to buy my $33M dream home (you see below).

Now, to provide clarity... There are really only...


3 Ways People Build Wealth

ONE: You start your own business.

TWO: You work your way up one company for a very long time, hopefully getting good stock options and can retire in your mid to late 60’s if you’re lucky and be comfortable.

THREE: You learn about real estate, figure out the game, and generate true wealth and passive income.

And I guess there’s a 4th one, winning the lottery, but the odds are 1 in 14 million is what Google says.


Let's Break Each One Down...

#1 is a good path, but usually takes a long time to build a successful business. 

Plus 90% of businesses fail in 5 years, and you need a team of employees to hire, train and manage...

In addition, running a company can be stressful and expensive (I’ve had my fair share of companies that failed).

#2 is having a J.O.B. which is the path most people take... 

Unfortunately they never end up with true wealth (or any at all) because usually you DON’T have control over your destiny… 

Instead, your company and your boss usually controls your pay.

That leaves us with #3 - the winner - REAL ESTATE.

Now before we go any further...


Look At This Shocking Statistic!


"Real estate investing has played a role in helping to create 90% of the world's millionaires."


You Can Clearly See That Real Estate Is The Path To your financial freedom, wealth, and living life on your terms.


Which is why in 1992 I got into the real estate world. 


Now unlike the way most people usually look at real estate and talk about real estate…


My approaches, methods and strategies have made me wealthier in down economies... when most people are usually losing money.


This is why I'm a "Contrarian." I do things differently than most.

Just As I Discuss In My Book



The reason I've been successful has a lot to do with the fact that I don't follow what everyone else is teaching... 


My formula works. Because let's be honest, most people have not turned $0 into $200M. 

I Analyze The Global Markets 

in ways that make it almost impossible to fail.

And as a result of my "track-record" and formula for success...


I Am Constantly Asked...

"Will you share your tips to becoming a Millionaire?"


Your Mindset: Have the confidence to take calculated risk.

Your Habits: Do the 'right work' daily and never stop.

Your Resourcefulness: The biggest secret to success.


I've Been Invited on Steve Harvey's Show...

To share some of my advice and mentorship on becoming a millionaire and talk about my books on Real Estate.

I Love Teaching & Mentorship...

Which is exactly why... 

After years of people asking...

And thousands of messages online...

I'm Going To Give You Access To...

"See The Real Estate Market Through My Eyes"

Imagine Having Access To Me...

Every Week: You will have a mentorship call with me.

60-minutes: Our call will be 1-hour together every week.

LIVE on Video: I'll be Live on video chatting with you.

If this sounds like something you want...

I'm excited to share this with you.




My proven step-by-step blueprint for building massive wealth through real estateeven if you’re starting with no experience, connections or capital. 


Every step of my program is laid out in an easy-to-follow training system that eliminates any confusion, guesswork or overwhelm as you effortlessly start to build your real estate portfolio and succeed like a pro. 


Over 40 lessons all delivered via HD video and broken down into a short, step-by-step process for you to easily follow so you know exactly what to do in order - like following a recipe.


Plus, as you progress through The Millionaire Mentorship Program, I’ll be your mentor every step of the way making this truly priceless for you.


Because I’ll be answering your questions LIVE on video every week, giving you the guidance needed to shorten your learning curve and accelerate your success, fast! 


You can join now, or continue to read and learn more about this priceless opportunity, that has the potential to change your life.




Before I Tell You Anymore...

Want To Ride With Me In My BUGATTI?

If you want this opportunity all you have to do is:

JOIN:  become part of my mentorship program.

LEARN: get my guidance to succeed in real estate.

SUCCEED: achieve amazing results in our community.



What's Included In The Program?


Module 1: Mindset

This is where we cover the secret to setting goals the "Manny Khoshbin Way."

The habits of Millionaires that will help you stay on track and have massive confidence and focus.

How to deal with stress and the 'never give up' mentality that's needed to build massive wealth.

Module 2: Intro Into Real Estate

Learn about the basics of real estate and different ways to make money in real estate.

Create a solid and clear game plan. Learn the different terminology (LOI, BRRR, etc.)

Different types of bank loans, and how to gain massive leverage and it's importance.

Module 3: How To Get Started In Real Estate

We breakdown the importance of getting licensed and how to network like a pro to get deals.

Knowing your buying power, commercial vs single family... Wholesale, fix & flip, foreclosures, etc...

Locating leads, finding good deals, when to use a bank loan and red flags to avoid certain deals.

Module 4: Why Timing Is Important

Detailed breakdown on economic markets globally and why timing is so critical to your success.

When is the best time to buy/sell. How to identify the best places/timing. 

In addition to when and how to scale up your real estate portfolio to over $200M.

Module 5: How To Avoid Paying Taxes

This is one of the most popular modules because lets be honest, who wants to pay more taxes?

The importance of 1031 exchanges and how to use them properly so you don't pay taxes.

What is an "equity cash out refinance" and how to properly use it so you can grow faster.

Module 6: The Process Of Buying

What to look for in a property (I share my computer screen and literally walk you through a deal.)

Finding a property manager and different negotiating tactics so you always come out on top.

The power of "Loopnet" and me walking you through what I look for. How to find a great lender.

Module 7: The Recordings Of Each LIVE Call

Every week I go LIVE inside our group to connect with you and our community.

These calls are priceless mentorship and coaching sessions between you, me and our community.

Every week the call will be recorded incase you miss one, you can just go back and watch it anytime.

Plus, Inside The Millionaire Mentorship You'll Also Get:

…You’ll also get invaluable coaching because each session will provide Q&A where you can ask me questions, pick my brain and get direct one on one feedback and guidance from me about your real estate goals and projects.

And, of course, every session will be recorded so you can watch them later or revisit them whenever you want. Most people say this is their favorite part about our community and this mentorship program. 

The reason is because - what is it worth - having me as your mentor every week, every month, for the year and as long as you want to be in our exclusive community? ...Most say it's worth MILLIONS.

If I could have mentored my younger self when starting out, I would probably be a BILLIONAIRE by now, instead of just a few hundred million net worth. 

You need to have a goal to achieve if you join our community, and if you know what that goal is, awesome!  If you need help identifying your goals, we can support you with that, as we have exercises and ways of gaining clarity on exactly what you want, and why you want to achieve specific goals. 

Whatever your goals are, we will support you in achieving them with our community support, accountability and weekly coaching calls Live on video to help give you the clarity and guidance you need on your journey.

Instantly you’ll have your own personal mastermind network.

You’ll finally have a private community where you can connect with entrepreneurs and professionals from all around the world and share experience of what's working and what's not, to accelerate your success and mitigate costly mistakes.

Inside you’ll get bonus resources; detailed support and feedback; new insights and strategies and a ton more. Plus - along with your new network - my team and I will be answering your questions every day. 



Who Is This For?

If you're like the thousands of people I talk to out there and...

You're trying to find a way to build financial wealth.
You're done trying things that don't work.
You're tired of not having a clear path to success.

You want mentorship from a true expert with results.

You don't want to make any costly mistakes in real estate.


Then joining The Millionaire Mentorship Program could quite literally be the SHIFT in your life, and business, that will propel your success to the level you've been striving to achieve.

Just one person you connect with inside our community...

or one new strategy you implement... 

Could totally transform your financial success and set you up for massive impact and growth.


Why You Want To Join

Joining and investing right now is a reflection of your commitment to:

Your family (you're the financial rock that supports them)
Your personal growth (you know you can always be better)
Your financial destiny (your future changes when you have more money)
Your legacy (you can leave a legacy in your industry and for your family)
Your peace of mind (finally know you have the right plan, and road map)
Your network (one person, one connection can change your life forever)
We guarantee it will be worth the investment in yourself and your business, to join The Millionaire Mentorship Program, that if you don't get your value from it in the first 30 days, we'll refund you in full.
You have zero risk. So take full advantage of this opportunity and the huge savings you get right now, and 'click the button' below to join.



Money Back Guarantee

Here’s how it works:  Join The Millionaire Mentorship Program and community today, follow the training and if you don’t feel the mentorship, coaching and guidance is worth the investment… you don’t pay a penny! 
That’s right. I’ll refund every penny you invested… Because I only want people in my mentorship program who are a good fit.
I'm doing this because I'm so confident that if you can show me that you implemented the strategies, attended the live trainings and fully maximized our community support, and if somehow you still don't feel the investment was worth every penny, I’ll refund you in full, no-questions and no risk... so sign up now.


What's All Included?

Recap of everything you're getting instant access to...

Product Summary:

Over 40 lessons all delivered via HD video
Step-by-step process for you to easily follow
Private Community for accountability and connections
Live weekly video coaching and Q&A with Manny and guest experts
Lifetime Access to the trainings, live coaching and community
30 day money-back guarantee (100% risk-free investment)
‚ÄčA chance to ride with Manny in his Bugatti (priceless)
Have a question about anything you read here? 


Email our friendly support team now:  [email protected]


There's also an FAQ at the bottom of this page. However, if you're ready...


I’ll see you on the inside and connect with you face to face in our group!


Your friend, 
Manny Khoshbin
AKA I'm the guy who really cares about your success.


Does this work for anyone or any business industry?
The mentorship program is focused around real estate. However, if you want Manny's mentorship around other areas of business you can always ask him and he will do his best to provide you with the best guidance. The focus of this program is real estate and that should be your focus if you're joining. 


Will this work in my country? 
Yes, Manny's mentorship reaches people around the world. The strategies he teaches in the program work in any country and any market. 


 I can’t afford this program, is there anything else you can do for me? 
Yes continue to watch all our valuable trainings we provide at no cost through Manny's social media channels. 


How do I help my prospective customers and clients with this? 
If you are in real estate (in any way) then having access to Manny as your direct source of mentorship every week Live on video as well as inside the private facebook community and his training portal is priceless for you. Imagine being able to provide your clients with the clarity and insights from Manny as a result of having his mentorship in your pocket accessible through your phone anytime you need it.


How long until I see results from this training? 
That all depends on your current situation, your ability to execute and take focussed action, and many other variables. We make no promises of the results you can achieve because we cannot control your actions to implement what you learn. That part is on you. However, if you know you can and will do the work, you just need someone like Manny to show you the way...Then this will be a priceless investment for you and could have a huge pay off!


How is this program different from others?
This program is different in multiple ways. #1 we provide a 30 day guarantee. Meaning you go through the trainings, take action, follow the process, and if it doesn’t work for you, you get a full refund; so we take all the risk. #2 there are only a few people in the world who have bought and sold over $800 Million in Real Estate. Manny Khoshbin is one of them. #3 the people who have bought and sold over $800 Million in Real Estate DO NOT teach and share their secrets for success like Manny does, or give you direct access to them Live once per week over video. This is one of the huge differentiators and a reflection of Manny's humble generosity and commitment to truly impacting the lives of those in his mentorship program. 


Does this program show me how to make money?
Yes, there are many ways the program shows how it is possible for you to make money in real estate. Manny focuses on his core competency which is commercial real estate, because he says that is where the BIG money is made in real estate - but you can also use the same principles and strategies for residential real estate. So his teachings work for both residential and commercial real estate and you will also have his personal mentorship on the subject to building massive wealth. 


How do I know I can trust Manny Khoshbin?
Manny has built his solid reputation over the last 28 years in the real estate industry through integrity, humility, and respect. No well known respected thought leader who knows Manny says anything but great things about him and his companies. We have hundreds of happy customers and clients because of the respect, support and trust we’ve shown them inside our community. Of course there will be many fake reviews on the internet after over two decades of growing and putting himself, and his brand on the internet in front of millions of people. You can do your own research and follow Manny’s journey on social media and ask anyone what they think of Manny Khoshbin and his companies. 



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